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We adore studying and understand that nowadays videos play a great role in education. That's why we've created this section to help people.


Free RipTiger license for .EDU students and faculty

Are you a student or perhaps a teacher? Then you have a unique possibility to receive advanced online video download software for free. RipTiger will definitely come in handy to teachers and students alike in preparation for classes, enabling you to download online video courses, lectures, webinars, and any other videos streams that may be required for educational purposes.

RipTiger is a user-friendly program that automatically downloads any and all video that you watch in your browser. It will enable you to download all the online video materials you need, with ease and convenience. No longer do you have to be bound to a PC with Internet connection to prepare assignments and access learning materials – RipTiger will download and save the required video streams on your computer. Should you need to play back the video on a mobile device or a DivX-compatible DVD player, RipTiger will also handle video conversion so you don’t have to.

How to get RipTiger for FREE?

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By participating in this promotion you agree that the software is provided to you “as is”, without any promise of technical support or warranties, neither express nor implied. You agree to use this license for academic purposes only. You may also be asked to provide further proof that you are a student or a teacher.

RipTiger will only download videos that are accessible free of charge and in no way protected from being publicly viewed.
This restriction, inter alia, applies to password and DRM protected videos, of which neither can be downloaded with RipTiger in pursuance of relevant provisions of the copyright law.
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