How to Download Web Video

Over the years, RipTiger has evolved into a complete online video capturing product.
It is equipped with multiple unique capturing technologies, which ensure industry leading compatibility with various online video web-sites.

RipTiger Basic and Full editions come with Basic Video Ripping engine, which supports a wide array of video sharing web-sites.

RipTiger Ultimate additionally includes Advanced Video Interceptor and Advanced Video Ripping technologies, making it truly compatible with any video web-site on the web.


How to download video with RipTiger
Basic Video Ripping how-to
for all RipTiger editions
Advanced capturing how-to
for RipTiger Ultimate edition only

Capture video from video sharing websites:

1. Start RipTiger.

2. Navigate to a web-page with a target video using any browser.

3. As the video starts playing, the capturing process will begin automatically
    You can manage your downloads from within the RipTiger program window.

  When downloading a flash video Normal Video Ripping you can close the browser or visit a different page after the download has started.

4. When the download is finished you will be able to convert your video and transfer the video to your iPod with a single click.

5. You can locate your downloaded and converted files by clicking "My Downloads" button.

Download video from any video web-site:

If you need software to download videos from any web site, RipTiger Ultimate is the best choice.

The two guides below describe how to download video with unique RipTiger Ultimate capturing engines - Advanced Video Ripping and Advanced Video Interceptor

How to download any RTMP video:

How to download ANY flash video (which can't be downloaded with other technologies):

Note: You can test if you need the capturing technologies available in RipTiger Ultimate (Advanced Video Ripping and Advanced Video Interceptor) for specific web-sites with the RipTiger trial version.

To do this, uncheck "Enable Advanced Ripping" and "Allow stealing video streams from the browser" in the RipTiger trial settings and try to download video from the web-site that interests you.
This will help you evaluate if Basic Video Ripping is enough for your needs.

However, consider that you might need RipTiger Ultimate capturing abilities for web-sites you visit in the future. Therefore we recommend purchasing RipTiger Ultimate.
*Note: If you are experiencing download problems, clean your browser's cache and restart RipTiger. Video downloading is triggered automatically once the video is played in your browser. If you don't wish to automatically download every video you watch, you can switch this off.

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RipTiger will only download videos that are accessible free of charge and in no way protected from being publicly viewed.
This restriction, inter alia, applies to password and DRM protected videos, of which neither can be downloaded with RipTiger in pursuance of relevant provisions of the copyright law.
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